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Functional rehabilitation in Virtual Reality

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How it works?


Why Doctor Kinetic?

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Covers all kind of exercises

The most comprehensive Virtual Reality training system. Doctor Kinetic has exercises for upper limb, lower limb, core, dynamic balance, coordination and back. It can improve patients’ range of motion, strength, coordination, ADL abilities and cognition. It can be used for all kinds of patients.

 Designed for clinical use

Doctor Kinetic is designed according to clinical requirements. It combines experience several rehabilitation centers from all over the world. The system is especially designed for rehabilitation patients but not for fitness training. The exercises are the regular clinical exercises, so the therapists can easily start using the system.



Our platform enables therapists to provide telerehabilitation services. It can be used with many indications starting from the most common: home rehabilitation after knee, hip replacement or stroke.


We have an extensive offer for researchers. Among many research projects running with our Intelligent Rehabilitation Solution or Fysiogaming, we have also built custom products as well as added external exergaming solutions onto our platform.


Motivates patients

In Doctor Kinetic there are colorful, easy to understand games. Even seniors can play them. Positive feedback makes the patients feel more confident.

Professional biofeedback

Except for feedback in the games, the therapist can choose to use additional biofeedback. The patients can see their mirror like image from the camera, balance graph and other relevant data. It helps patients with adjusting their movements and posture.


No fear anymore

Advanced patient recognition allows the therapist to protect and guide the patient while standing behind or next to the patient. Early stage patients can use Doctor Kinetic while sitting on a chair, wheelchair or a gym ball.

Start using it in 15 seconds

Advanced sensor doesn’t need to be calibrated. It can recognize the patient automatically. The therapist only needs three steps to start the training. The shortest startup time is 15 seconds. Doctor Kinetic improves the efficiency of the treatment.

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Functional assessment

Doctor Kinetic can assess patients’ balance, range of motion and functional ability. The therapist can customize the training protocol according to the assessments results.


Objective data report

Every session generates a detailed motion report, including gait, balance, range of motion and motor control. The reports can be easily compared over time.


The theory of virtual reality

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Never enough patients?
  • Patients don’t want to exercise?
  • Patients are afraid to move and don’t want to cooperate?
  • Patients won’t come back after the therapy?
  • Do you want the therapists to have more time to focus on the patients?
  • Except for the evaluation you have no insights into patients’ performance?

If you have one of those problems then you need a virtual reality device!


Virtual Reality induce cortical reorganization from aberrant ipsilateral to contralateral SMC activation.
Virtual Reality–Induced Cortical Reorganization and Associated Locomotor Recovery in Chronic Stroke An Experimenter-Blind Randomized Study – Sung H. You


Virtual Reality was found to be significantly more effective than conventional therapy.
Cochrane review: virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation – K.Laver, S.George, S.Thomas, J.E.Deutsch, M.Crotty


By creating a strong presence in a virtual, interactive environment, distraction can be taken to greater levels while maintaining the benefits of indoor exercises which may result in a shift from negative to positive thoughts about exercise.
Use of virtual reality technique for the training of motor control in the elderly. Some theoretical considerations. – de Bruin ED1, Schoene D, Pichierri G, Smith ST.



According to International Classification of Diseases (ICD)


Diseases of the nervous system

  • G20 – Parkinson’s disease
  • G30 – Alzheimer’s disease
  • G35 – Multiple sclerosis
  • G80 – Cerebral palsy
  • G81 – Hemiplegia
  • G82 – Paraplegia and tetraplegia
  • I60-I69 – Cerebrovascular diseases
  • S00-S09 – Head injuries

Diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue and injuries

  • M16 – Coxarthrosis
  • M17 – Gonarthrosis
  • M22 – Disorders of patella
  • M23 – Internal derangement of knee
  • M24 – Other specific joint derangements
  • M51 – Other intervertebral disc disorders
  • S42-49 – Shoulder and upper arm
  • S50-59 – Elbow and forearm
  • S70-S79 – Hip and thigh
  • S80-S89 – Knee and lower leg
  • S90-S99 – Ankle and foot

Diseases of the circulatory system

  • I20-I25 – Ischemic heart diseases
  • I60-I69 – Cerebrovascular diseases

Diseases of the respiratory system

  • J40-J47 – Chronic lower respiratory diseases

Global customer base

See some of our worldwide locations

Fysiotherapie Vrij Bewegen, Kromennie, The Netherlands

Jerry Jansen

We are using it with all kinds of patients in daily practice. It’s a comprehensive exercising device. Patients like it so much that sometimes we even use it as reward.

Apex Fysiotherapie, Westmaas, The Netherlands 

Ruud Jeltes

Doctor Kinetic is a perfect training device for chronic patients. Even those elderly people who’d never played computer games before prefer to exercise with Doctor Kinetic than conventional equipment. It is not only fun but also a useful and diverse form of therapy.

Basalt Revalidatie, The Hague, Leiden, The Netherlands

Elmer Tiebackx

In the Rehabilitation Center we work with all groups of patients. It’s a great tool for most of them even those on wheelchairs. I recommend Doctor Kinetic to other physiotherapists.

China Rehabilitation Research Center, Beijing, China

Zhang Yan

Nobody feels bored any more when they are using Doctor Kinetic. A lot of patients even don’t want to end the training. The outcome is also significant. Meanwhile, it saves a lot of effort for me.

Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Hospital, Shanghai, China

Bai Zhongfei

The exercises are very professional. Our patients are very happy about it, especially when they get positive feedback. We are using it for 20 to 30 patients every day.

The George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia 

Leanne Hassett

The staff reports the system to be easy to use and that the participants really enjoy playing the games. The participant really liked seeing her photos on the screen. I think she wanted to show her family.



clinical locations Worldwide


professional users

World's #1 Virtual Reality Rehabilitation platform

Doctor Kinetic is a medical systems manufacturer, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We also have offices in Berlin, Germany and in Poznan, Poland. The company has developed a platform for evaluation and training in Virtual Reality for rehabilitation patients.
We are proudly working with all of our customers and research partners with the largest European, Asian and American university hospitals among them.

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