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Functional training with gamification and Virtual Reality


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Recognized worldwide

The Functional Training Game is actively used around the world and has been also known as FysioGaming  in the past. Many professionals from the exercising industry are using it to enhance their clients’ experience and automate the regular task of showing exercises.


Why the Functional Training Game?

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Covers all kind of exercises

The most comprehensive Virtual Reality training system. Enables exercises for upper limb, lower limb, core, dynamic balance, coordination and back. You can use it to train range of motion, strength, coordination and cognition. It can be used by all kinds of people.

 Designed for easy use

Functional Training Game is designed by practicing trainers. It combines experience from many training facilities from all over the world. The system is especially designed for enabling people to enjoy their fitness training. Most of the exercises are the classic exercises, so the everyone can easily start using the system.


Digital training anywhere

You can use it at any location. All you need is a computer, a Kinect sensor and some motivation to start it. Just remember about your safety! Use it responsively, with care and if you don’t feel well or feel pain contact your doctor!

*This is not a doctor or a medical software / device,  if any medical conditions apply to you, please consult the appropriate professional before use. Use at your own risk.


We have a flexible offer for researchers. Our mission is to enable humanity for further development and digital revolution!



There are colorful, easy to understand games. Even seniors can play them. Positive feedback makes everyone feel more confident and successful.

Professional biofeedback

Except for feedback in the games, you can choose to use additional biofeedback. This is not medical software . But still you can see yourself in a digital mirror with Augmented Reality. It helps everyone to adjust their movements and posture.


No fear anymore

Some people are afraid to move. Could be a trauma from the past or another reason. We took care of that too, you can adjust the training to your movement abilities and it won’t push you to do too much. Afraid to fall? Ask someone to stay behind you and stabilize you during your training.*

*if you have any medical indications, please consult with your therapist or doctor before using our solution. Stay safe at all cost!

Start using it in 15 seconds

Advanced sensor doesn’t need to be calibrated. It can recognize people automatically. You only need three steps to start the training. The shortest startup time is about 15 seconds. This is not a medical software, so for any medical indications consult your doctor, physiotherapist or another medical professional guiding you, before using this product.


Functional assessment

Functional Training Game digitizes your functional movement abilities. Then you can customize the training according to your plan or let the AI to do the job and just enjoy your training.


Objective data report

Every session generates a detailed motion report. These are not medical grade data but the data from the Kinect are of good quality. The reports can be easily compared over time.


Fun increases motivation!

Are you in the business of training?

  • Customers don’t want to exercise?
  • Customers are afraid to move and don’t want to cooperate?
  • Customers won’t come back after the training?
  • Do you want to have more time to focus on the customers while they move?
  • Want to have more insights into customers’ performance?

If you have one of those problems then we are here to solve it!


In the scientific world of training, fitness, wellness and therapy there is more and more evidence on how digital tools can enable more physical and even psychological training. Below you can find interesting examples:

Virtual Reality induce cortical reorganization from aberrant ipsilateral to contralateral SMC activation.
Virtual Reality–Induced Cortical Reorganization and Associated Locomotor Recovery in Chronic Stroke An Experimenter-Blind Randomized Study – Sung H. You


Virtual Reality was found to be significantly more effective than conventional therapy.
Cochrane review: virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation – K.Laver, S.George, S.Thomas, J.E.Deutsch, M.Crotty


By creating a strong presence in a virtual, interactive environment, distraction can be taken to greater levels while maintaining the benefits of indoor exercises which may result in a shift from negative to positive thoughts about exercise.
Use of virtual reality technique for the training of motor control in the elderly. Some theoretical considerations. – de Bruin ED1, Schoene D, Pichierri G, Smith ST.


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